Do you live in Philadelphia, PA and just buy yourself a shiny new flat screen TV? Are you afraid to mount it on your wall because your think it may fall and break? Whether you are looking to save space or just think a mounted TV looks awesome, wall mounting your TV is a great and safe choice when it is done properly.  TV mounts come in a variety of options and can be mounted to almost any wall surface type.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about wall mounting your TV.

  • Get some space back! Taking up valuable space with a large table or entertainment center to hold your TV is not a great use of living space. Mounting your tv on the wall is a great way to take back that space.  Most times, an additional small shelf can be purchased for the mount or built onto the wall to hold your cable box or home theater system for an even sleaker, clean look.
  • It looks really cool. Mounting your TV on the wall adds to your room’s décor. You can usually even hide your TV’s wires to create an ultra-clean look for your room.
  • Get your money’s worth! The placement, most importantly the height of your TV on the wall is not done arbitrarily. There is an optimal viewing angle for maximizing your viewing experience and getting all of the definition out of your high definition TV.
  • It’s safer. You may have seen some of the news stories recently about pets or children bumping the table or entertainment center and the TV tipping over injury them. When a TV is mounted it is safely out of reach for children and animal and there is less chance for damage to pets,  children, or the TV because it can’t tip over.

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