Philadelphia Handyman Services
Let us take the stress away from thinking about your to-do list around the house. Our team can handle just about any home repair or improvement job you bring our way.
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Philadelphia Handyman Services

Professional, Affordable Handyman Services

Welcome to ThePhillyHandyman serving Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. We are the choice professional, safe, and reliable handyman service for your home. 


Interior or Exterior House Painting is one of our specialties, we got you covered!



Are you looking to add new Kitchen Cabinets? Or maybe add a closet to an existing room. We can help.

Drywall Repair

Accidents happen, especially with something as fragile as Drywall. We can patch, fix, or replace any wall repairs.


Are you looking to have new flooring installed? Or maybe a few simple repairs. Give us a call. 

Decks & Patios

Outdoor living is essential in these times. Find out how we can help build you the deck or patio of your dreams.

Bathroom Repair

Are you looking to repair a leaky faucet? Maybe install a new shower or bathroom vanity. We know how to get it done.

Kitchen Repair

Is the stove acting up? Maybe another appliance in the kitchen needs replacement. From floor to ceiling we can get you fixed up.


With most new furniture coming in a flat box, sometimes a helping hand is needed to get the job done. Let us help you.


Give us a call for a free no hassle quote


10 Reasons to Hire a Philadelphia Handyman

Home repair and improvement projects enhance your home. Some projects require a contractor for best results while others suffice for handyman work or a DIY job. When should you hire a handyman? Please take a look at our 10 reasons you should consider a Philadelphia handyman for your home repairs and improvement projects.

1. Complete That "Honey-do" List

Every home has an endless list of repairs waiting for you to complete. When the list gets longer, and nothing gets done, hire a handyman to knock off some of the chores on the list.

A handyman can change out light fixtures, hang window treatments, assemble furniture, paint the interior, or even power wash the exterior. The list of handyman services that can help knock off tasks from the honey-do list is endless.

2. Free Your Time

We think we'll complete those repairs around the house, but busy schedules oftentimes stand in the way of getting things done. After a long, hard day at work, rest and relaxation are what you need. Spending time with friends and family also takes priory over repairs and projects.

Handyman services ensure you regain that free time that you need and deserve without sacrificing your time to do so.

3. Avoid Injuries and Frustration

Numerous home repairs and improvements bring huge amounts of frustration to the average person completing them, especially without help.

Tasks like balancing ladders while drilling screws into a wall are not as simple as professionals make them appear. Not only do they cause frustration, but many tasks are also hazardous. One wrong move and an injury could turn your life upside down.

Save your sanity and reduce the risks of an injury with help from a handyman. He safely completes work around your home, so you never break a sweat or injure yourself.

4. Improve a Home Before it Goes on the Market

A few simple upgrades and repairs do wonders for a home you are selling. It creates a more appealing home and can add value to the profits that you earn. A bit of TLC can make selling the home much easier.

Inside or Outside of the home, a handyman has the skills to give the home a quick facelift that attracts more people; it is the way.

Missing shingles, peeling paint, dirt and grime, weeds, and un-landscaped property are reasons to call a handyman for the cost-effective improvement of these and other problems.

5. You're In Over Your Head

If you consider yourself a jack of all trades, calling professional help may not be an easy decision since you feel that you can do it all. However, everyone has areas that make them uncomfortable. Recognize those areas and give a professional handyman a call.

They can replace faucets and fixtures, install ceiling fans, install a child's playground, or tend to other tasks the average person cannot complete themselves.

With handyman services, you can finally take a load off your shoulders and rest a little bit more.

6. Versatile Skills

A handyman possesses skills that allow them to complete any number of tasks around the home. They arrive with the tools, expertise, and experience that gets the job done.

Need caulking work? Are the cabinets damaged? Want a TV mounted on the wall? These projects are some of the many that a handyman can complete.

7. Cheaper Plumbing Work

Now and again, a plumbing issue wreaks havoc on a home. If it happens to you, ensure fast repair keeps you and the family safe.

Yes, a handyman completes plumbing work, which everyone knows can be exceptionally expensive via a plumbing company. With handyman experts, those minor plumbing issues won't cost an arm and leg to repair.

Notice a leak in the tub? Is the toilet leaking? A handyman has what it takes to solve these and many other plumbing problems around the home.

8. Save Money

Using handyman services saves a substantial amount of money compared to contractors. If you are one of the many people with a long list of repairs, you'll save even more money with help from an experienced, professional handyman.

Call this professional if you need help installing a toilet, finishing the basement, or needing backsplash installation.

A handyman usually charges hourly fees to complete many projects in a matter of a few hours at a cost considerably cheaper than the other big companies.

9. Protect Your Home

Your home suffers without routine maintenance. These tasks prevent damages and improve the curb appeal of the home. But busy schedules and hectic lives cause routine maintenance to take a back burner so often.

Some homeowners think they cannot afford professional maintenance services. This is not true if a Philadelphia handyman is your professional of choice.

A handyman has the skills and expertise to replace missing shingles off the roof, clean the gutters, clean the windows, or any number of routine maintenance services.

Give the handyman a call and schedule a routine maintenance service. The result is substantial savings of both money and time, as well as peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure all year long.

10. Home Additions

You need a contractor for major home improvements, but do not cancel out the handyman just yet. For smaller building projects, a handyman is a go-to expert.

With help from a handyman, you can complete numerous building projects for a fraction of the cost you would pay a contractor. They provide awesome results and bring experience and expertise to the job.

When it comes to building decks and patios, adding on a new porch, or even fence installation, a handyman has what it takes to easily and affordably make the addition to your home.


Find out what our amazing customers are saying about us around Philadelphia!
Brian and his team repaired my bathroom vanity in no time flat. Couldn't be happier with the work done.

Daniel S.

These guys are professional and got the job done right with no complications. I will use them in the future for sure!

Gina K.

The best team in Philly! These guys built a new deck for my family and it came out awesome!

Peter H.


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